2. Scope and form

The SBR is NOT a scientific journal, as such, although news from the world of brewing science is relevant. The desired form and scope of the articles in the magazine should be:

a)  Presented in a short, ‘down-to-earth’ form that focuses on the practical

b)  Written in easy-to-digest, engaging and entertaining language

c)  Personal views and perspectives are welcome – especially if these are suited to
      stimulate debate in the SBR on the issue

d)  Tables, figures, photos, drawings, fact boxes and other forms of graphic
      illustrations are encouraged

e)  If an article is directed at a specific group of readers this should be highlighted
      in the title/subtitle

f)  Direct advertising in articles is not permitted. Specific product names may only
     be mentioned where it is objectively relevant or when clearly identified as an
     example of a product type. In other words, a patented enzyme that catalyses a
     process no other commercial enzymes can catalyse, may be mentioned;
     Polyclar may be mentioned as an example of a PVVP-based chemical stabiliser,
     whereas the commercial name of a Munich Malt may not be used in an article
     describing typical recipes for amber beers, and the commercial name of a
     cleaning agent may not be used when discussing the pros and cons of caustic
     vs. acid cleaning. The technical editor of the SBR will be at liberty to edit (remove
     more or less disclosed advertising of specific commercial products) articles to
     ensure adherence to this rule.

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