3. Length

Generally, the SBR do not have very strict rules on the length of articles, as we wish to adapt this to the complexity, the actuality and the relevance of the subject described. However, if a deviation from this has not been agreed upon with the technical editor, we prefer articles between 1,000 and 2,000 words (two to four pages incl. illustrations).

Degree of technical/scientific level in contents

Again, the SBR is NOT a scientific journal, so kindly write to the ‘average reader’ (although such a person probably does not exist). This reader is a person mid-way between a brewing scientist/a brewer who has a PhD having worked closely with scientists for 25 years, and the average beer enthusiast with no academic background, who has no other background than to satisfy his/her curiosity on the technical aspects of Scandinavian brewing.

Literature references

References are welcome if they are highly relevant for the curious reader, but not to the extent necessary in scientific papers. We will print no more than five references for an article. If you feel that more than five references are essential, please include the following at the end of your article: ‘The author(s) of this article has/have a complete list of references for the background statements and results referred to in the article. The list of references can be obtained by contacting............’


Are more than welcome. This is not to say that we are not happy with articles without photos, in line with the intentions outlined in sections 1 and 2 above. Kindly forward actual photos with your article or provide links to where these may be found.

Photos should be in high, print-suitable resolution. Recommended formats are JPEG or TIFF. In order to ease the layout of the article, parenthetical references to the photos or the photos themselves can be inserted into the running text if they are to be linked to specific passages in the text, but as this might affect the resolution the photos, the photos should always be sent separately, as well.

Identification of the author(s)

We would like all relevant information about the authors of our articles – full name, title, e-mail address and relevant websites. Also, we favour bringing an ultra short – max. 50-60 words – micro-biography as an introduction to our articles; where have the authors worked and what have they done.

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