Beer drinkers from across the continent celebrate 30 years of European Beer Consumers Union
8. August 2021


The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) was established in 1990 by three national beer organisations: CAMRA (United Kingdom), Objectieve Bierproevers (Belgium, now Zythos) and PINT (Netherlands). It has since grown to include organisations representing beer drinkers from 15 countries.


The organisation seeks to preserve the diversity of traditional European beer cultures, protect consumers and make sure they have the best information about the beer they are drinking.


Now the EBCU is inviting beer drinkers to join their online event to celebrate 30 years and to look to the future.


The online gathering, which takes place from 15.00 – 17.00 CET on Saturday, 25th September will include a toast to EBCU, a tasting of European beers from the countries which founded the EBCU, as well as a panel of speakers about the European beer scene and the work of EBCU in the past 30 years.


Anyone wanting to join the event can also order an exclusive EBCU 30th anniversary beer box and commemorative glass for € 37.50 including delivery from


Speaking ahead of the 30th anniversary event, EBCU’s Chairman Bo L Jensen said:

“Beer drinking has long been an essential part of European culture. For centuries Europeans have brewed and traded beer, developing a variety of styles and adapted their methods to the latest developments in technology.


“As Europe became increasingly politically integrated and with the advent of the European Parliament, the need for a consumers’ union representing beer consumers at the European level became apparent.


“EBCU was formed at a beer festival in 1990 with the aim of bringing together organisations representing beer drinkers and consumers from across Europe.


Since then, EBCU has grown and now enjoys membership from organisations all over Europe.


“The early years focused on attracting more members, defining what goals to achieve, securing financial independence and developing campaigning activities at the European level. Now EBCU enjoys a wider membership and focuses on campaigning for greater rights for consumers.


“We continue to campaign on improving the labelling of beer. Today it can still be difficult for consumers to see ingredients listed on labels but discussions are continuing with EU parliamentarians and brewer organisations to improve beer labelling.


“EBCU also brings together a great of knowledge and experience from the European beer world and has harnessed this expertise to launch “The beer styles of Europe and beyond” – Europe’s definitive guide to beer styles across the continent and beyond.


“We look forward to celebrating the first 30 years of EBCU together with you all on 25th September – and looking forward to the next 30 years of representing and campaigning for beer drinkers.”


Source: European Beer Consumers Union