Alfa Laval Brew 20 offers new opportunities for small brewpubs and microbreweries
02 March 2019


Alfa Laval is rounding out a year of big separator product launches with the release of their latest centrifuge for craft brewers: Brew 20.

“We specifically developed Brew 20 to meet the needs of today’s brewpubs and microbreweries, based on what we have learned from working closely with craft brewers around the world for many years,” says Joakim Gustafsson,Global Sales Manager Brewery at Alfa Laval. “For these brewers, Brew 20 offers two clear benefits: increased yield that gets more from every tank as well as superior flavour and aroma for their beer.”

Unlike downstream filtration solutions commonly used for clarification in smaller craft breweries, Brew 20 is able to filter out yeast, hops and other solids without also stripping out volatile hop oils and aromas. The centrifuge also makes it possible to increase production capacity by 15-20% without increasing the number of tanks, thanks to faster turnover. The combined result means that brewers see higher quality beer – and more of it – from the same ingredients they already use.

Separation innovation that saves money
Since first introducing disc stack separators to the market in 1883, Alfa Laval has developed a reputation for leading the way in new separation technologies. Brew 20 includes many of the company’s latest innovations, including the Axial-Hermetic Seal. This unique feature dramatically minimizes the risk of dissolved oxygen pickup, limiting it to under 10 ppb.

“The Axial-Hermetic Seal is a great improvement on the hydro-hermetic seals that you find on older beer centrifuge designs,” explains Gustafsson. “Hydro-hermetic technologies require CO2and deaerated water in order to operate properly, but since our Axial-Hermetic Seal does not, it will save brewers time and quite a bit on operating costs.”

Answers from brewery separation experts
To support smaller craft brewers who are new to disc stack centrifuge technology, Alfa Laval has also created a video guide with answers to common questions about brewery separation. Curious visitors to the webpage will find useful and concise information on topics ranging from using a separator in brewing stouts, to installation and commissioning as well as equipment payback times.

“Many brewpubs and microbreweries still think that centrifuges are only for the really big players, but with today’s technology, that’s no longer the case,” says Gustafsson. “We created our video guide to make it easier for smaller breweries to get the information they need to understand what a centrifuge will mean for their brewery, their beer and their bottom line.”

Link to video guide for craft brewers