Danish brewers get compensation for unsold Christmas beer
28. February 2021


No use to cry over spilt Christmas beer anymore at the Danish breweries. In December, they were unable so sell all their Christimas beer as the Danish hospitality sector was forced to a lockdown to limit the contagion of coronavirus. But a political majority in the Danish parliament has now agreed to allocate 35m dkk to compensate seasonal products which cannot be sold before a new season starts – among these are Christmas beer.


Politicians have named the agreement “The Christimas Beer Help Package”.


Because each brewery can receive a maximum of 200,000 dkk, the package matters most to the smaller breweries.


Danish Brewer’s Association has worked since December to ensure that the breweries would receive a compensation for their unsold Christmas beer.


“On behalf of our members we are very happy that we succeeded. It is sad and costly for the breweries to be left with unsold casks, bottles or cans of Christmas beer on their hands”, says Secretary General of Danish Brewers’ Association Niels Hald.


According to a questionnaire among members of the association, three out of four Danish breweries have not been able to sell all their Christmas beer because of the closure of restaurants, bars, pubs etc.


Source: Danish Brewers’ Association