Come aboard as a regular correspondent to the new Scandinavian Brewers’ Revie
15 October 2018


Our magazine, the Scandinavian Brewers’ Review ( , membership magazine for the Nordic Master Brewers Guilds and the only Nordic brewing journal reaching out to brewing professionals all over our region and the Baltic States, has entered a new era.

As of January this year, the SBR moved to a digital platform, and we intend to utilize the new opportunities by making the magazine much more dynamic, lively and interesting – much more relevant, in short. 

We aim to position the SBR as, if not the daily, then at least a regular, go-to source for updated news and information about what’s going on in relation to brewing in the Nordics and the Baltics, through our 4 regular, yearly issues as well as making our modernized website the ‘social media platform related to all things beer and brewing’ in our region and beyond. Practically, the move to digital implies the following:

Full access for subscribers to all things SBR on every imaginable platform – PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Access to our archive of earlier issues of the SBR. 

A news stream on the website with all actual, important and relevant industry news as it appears.  

Free access also for non-subscribers through the website to selected articles and excerpts from the magazine.

Suppliers and advertisers will be able to include links to their own websites in their ads and in articles too, and to place banner ads directly on the website.

Going digital gives the SBR a far bigger reach than it has had hitherto. Anyone around the globe who has an interest in specific topics covered by articles or news in the SBR can have access to this at their fingertips, and we also expect the number of subscribers, within and beyond our own region, to quickly expand quite significantly.   

The bigger reach  not only means that we’re able to service a lot larger audience, but we’re also determined to upgrade the quality of the contents of the magazine significantly, and this is where you can help us. We’re seeking the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable people with important networks within the brewing industry – people like you – in sourcing material for articles in the SBR. If you agree to help us, we’ll notify you in good time – ca. two months – prior to the deadline of each issue, reminding you to send us the material you deem relevant for our magazine. 

We count on you – please help us make the Scandinavian Brewers’ Review one of the leading brewing journals in the world!

Our warmest greetings and regards

Erik Juul Rasmussen, Chairman of the Danish Master Brewers’ Guild

Anders Kissmeyer, Technical Editor of the SBR