Fewer new Danish beers in 2020
2. March 2021


In recent years, Danish breweries have brewed more new beers year on year. 2115 new beers were offered to the beer consumers in 2019, and had it not been for COVID-19 the year 2020 would have been another record year with around 2400 news beers, according to an estimate by the beer market research company Beerticker.


An analysis made by Beerticker in cooperation with the Danish Brewers’ Association shows that 1792 new Danish beers were introduced to the market in 2020. However, based on the percentage-wise raise in new beers since 2014, Beerticker estimates, that in a normal year around 2400 new beers would have been introduced at stores, bars and festivals.


But the year 2000 turned out to be anything but normal. After a record number of new beers were brewed by Danish breweries in January and February, the first round of closures hit Denmark in March and since then many of the usual beer sales channels have been either shot down or limited.

“Luckily, beer lovers could choose from an abundance of 1792 new Danish beers last year. But the significant drop in the number of new beers is an unfortunate sign that the COVID-19 closure of the hospitality sector has inhibited an otherwise flourishing and job creating brewing industry. We call for the government to recalculate the health consequences of reopening the hospitality sector which we believe can be done safely and securely”, says Secretary General of Danish Brewers Association Niels Hald.

Also the coming months will be hard to get through for the Danish breweries a the restaurants, cafés and bars will not start opening before April 5th at the soonest. More than half of the breweries expect a drop of at least 30% in their March turnover this year compared to March 2019, according to a questionnaire from Danish Brewers Association. Of the 31 breweries participating in the questionnaire almost one third predict a drop in turnover of at least 50%.


”It is no longer possible to avoid that the closure of the hospitality industry will cost jobs at the Danish breweries of which many are situated in small communities with a large impact on local economy and quality of life”, says Niels Hald.


The forecast for the month of April looks even worse. When asked “What will a closure of restaurants and bars in April mean to your brewery?” more than 60% answer that their turnover will decrease by at least 30% compared to April 2019.



Source: Danish Brewers’ Association