10 April 2019


Join Beverage Day at the University of Copenhagen 24 May 2019!

The Danish Brewers’ Association, the Scandinavian School of Brewing and the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen have arranged a day with focus on the science of beverages.


Festauditoriet A1-01.01 (1.01), Bülowsvej 17

10.00 Welcome

10.10 New Raw Materials in Brewing

Zoran Gojkovic, Director of Brewing Science & Technology, Carlsberg Research Laboratory

10.30 Product environmental footprint

Eskild Andersen, Sustainability Manager, Carlsberg Breweries A/S

10:50 Water reuse in the food industry: Drivers, challenges and opportunities

Susanne Knøchel, Professor, KU FOOD

11.10 Enzymatic cleaning in the food industry

Inge Byg Ulbrink, Research Scientist, Novozymes A/S

11.30 No & low alcohol beer

Kim L. Johansen, Director, Scandinavian School of Brewing

11.50 The use of Pichia kluyveri for the production of low alcohol and non-alcoholic beer

Sofie Saerens, Department Manager Wine & Fermented Beverages, Chr. Hansen

12.10 Lunch, Festauditoriet, Bülowsvej 17


(Walk to Thorvaldsensvej 40)


Lecture hall A2-84.01 (3-04)

12.50 Den Nordiske Ølhave

Natalie Ahlstrand, Post Doc, KU Natural History Museum of Denmark

13.10 Danish hops – breaking the dormancy

Oliver Kemp, Project Scientist, Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

13.30 Efficient dry hopping technologies for small and large breweries

Alyce Hartvigsen, Iso-Mix & Fermentation Manager, Brewery Systems, Alfa Laval

13.50 Beer with fruits

Torben Toldam, Associate Professor, KU Pometet


Lecture hall A2-84.11/12

12.50 Fermentation in casks & bottles

Henrik Siegumfeldt, Associate Professor, KU FOOD

13.10 Chemistry of long term ageing in casks & bottles

Mogens L. Andersen, Professor, KU FOOD

13.30 Staling aldehydes from wort to beer

Maciej Ditrych, PhD-Student, KU Leuven, Belgium

13.50 Instrumental measurement of flavour perception

Mikael Agerlin Petersen, Associate Professor, KU FOOD


Joining in Lecture Hall A2-84.01 (3-04)

14.15 New pilot brewery at KU FOOD

14.25 Representative sampling – an overlooked process in the beverage industry

Carsten Rosendal, Business Development, Keofitt

14.45 Consumer information and introducing beer tasting

Niels Hald, Secretary General, Danish Brewers’ Association, and chairman of the board of Scandinavian School of Brewing.

15.05 Beer tasting and informal sharing of knowledge

Visit pilot brewery

16.30 End of Beverage Day


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