Hotel accommodation

We have reserved a number of hotel rooms both at DGI Hotel and at the neighboring Hotel Wakeup.

Price is DKK 1.507 / night for a single room at DGI Hotel and DKK 700 / night at Wakeup (incl. breakfast).

If you would like to use the proposed hotels, please contact DGI Hotel directly login in English

Hotel Wakeup booking must be made before March 28th, 2022.



DGI Byen & Conference

Tietgensgade 65

DK 1704 Copenhagen V.

Phone +45 3329 8000

1 night costs DKK 1.507 incl. breakfast. Payment at departure

Booking contact DGI Hotel directly – see link below:

CPH Hotel | DGI Byen



Wakeup Hotel

Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11

DKK 1577 Copenhagen V.

Phone, Hotel Booking +45 4480 0010


1 night cost DKK 700 incl. breakfast. Payment at departure.

It is possible to buy an additional night If you want to stay in Copenhagen.