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1 December 2019


Prepare for increased complexity with Diploma Master Brewer or Certified Brewer

Certified Brewer education

SSB also offers a Certified Brewer education with half of the syllabus of the Master Brewer education. The Certified Brewer also takes place at University of Copenhagen together with the Master Brewer students. The focus is on brewing technology, which is in the first part of each module, so that the second part only for the master students includes a more scientific and advanced perspective. To become Certified Brewer the student needs to make an individual project in his/her brewery. The Certified Brewer education has been designed to further educate craft brewers and is described in more detail in an article in SBR, vol.74 No.3, 2017, p-26-27.

Diploma Craft Brewer

Since 2006 SSB have educated more than 180 Diploma Craft Brewers. The education was established for Nordic craft- and microbrewers. The education consists of two modules with 3-4 months in between. In the period between the modules, the student makes a project in his/her own brewery and presents it for the other students in the second module. The evaluation is based on the results from the final exam and the project report and is pass/no pass.

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