SSB: New agreement with University of Copenhagen
26, October 2020


A new contract agreement between Scandinavian School of Brewing (SSB) and University of Copenhagen, SCIENCE (FOOD) takes effect as per September 1st, 2021. 

Together with the brewers’ associations of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, it is agreed that 

  • The Master Brewer education is transferred completely to UCPH SCIENCE to be fully integrated into the specialisation ‘Brewing Science and Technology’ 
  • The subjects from the present courses Brewing 1 and Brewing 2 will form part of a new optimised course structure 
  • The Diploma Craft Brewer education will be offered by UCPH SCIENCE as continuous education. 

When UCPH SCIENCE take over these two educations, it is the intension that director of SSB (Kim L. Johansen) will be employed at the University to ensure continuity. The Scandinavian School of Brewing will still exist: 

  • Granting the Diploma Master Brewer title 
  • Granting the Diploma Craft Brewer title 
  • Offering shorter courses (one to three days) upon request from Brewers’ Associations or other groups. 

Two committees are established: 

  • Education Contact Committee (already existing) dealing with the overall structure of the education 
  • Technical Committee dealing with the technical and scientific content of the education and for planning of internships. 

As a consequence of the agreement: 

  • The modular structure of the Master Brewer education for students from the brewing industry will no longer exist. The course structure in the new master brewer education will be less suitable for participants from the industry, although, the courses are available under open education, if free seats. 
  • The Diploma Brewery Engineer title no longer exists for students taking only the theoretical part of the Master Brewer education. 
  • The Certified Brewer education will be offered for the last time in spring 2021. 

The courses Brewing Project in Practice and Brewing Summer Course will continue unchanged. For more detailed information, please refer to the sections below. 

For more information, please contact Kim L. Johansen at 



Course structure from September 2021 

The structure of the two-year master specialisation ‘Brewing Science and Technology’ can be seen in the schedule:

Kim L. Johansen will be course responsible for the courses in the coloured boxes. The subjects from Brewing 1 and Brewing 2 will be spread into all of the above courses. Each block contains either one 15 ECTS course or two 7,5 ECTS courses. The scheduled time per week for each 7,5 ECTS course is 12 hours over 1 1/2 day. 


Students from the industry 

The students from the industry, who have already taken one or more of the six modules, will need to take the remaining modules in the spring 2021 in order to complete their education. This is the last chance to follow the present structure. SSB will still approve practical experience and thus grant the title Diploma Master Brewer. 

The Certified Brewer education will be offered for the last time in spring 2021. Students missing modules are requested to finish these in 2021. Students missing their project will still have the possibility of finishing after September 2021. SSB will still grant the Certified Brewer title as long as there are students who have not finished. 



There will still be invited lecturers from the industry teaching selected subjects at the University. However, Kim L. Johansen will teach more, leaving less time for lectures from the industry. The extent of industry lectures will be agreed during spring 2021 with each of the lecturers.