Webinar: How to maximise the Return on your Process Equipment Investment (ROI)
5. February 2021


Purchasing new process equipment can incur a significant capital expense for a company as well as involve a complex decision process.


During this webinar we will review some of the pitfalls associated with purchasing new equipment, and look into how your company can turn potential risks into profitable advantages.

In the United Kingdom, the Food & Beverage industry has on average invested GBP 1 billion (EUR 1.13 billion) over recent years, but a whopping 12% of that has been wasted through poor implementation!

We will look at factors that can contribute to investment delays, such as weak project planning, poor resources, and change of strategy. Likewise, we will examine a series of primary causes of failed investments.

We will analyze how to identify any mistakes at the earliest opportunity and avoid unnecessary losses through the right analytical approach and value engineering. In this regard, the webinar will show how the right CAPEX tools and how project excellence can effectively reduce costs and improve ROI.


The speaker

Nicholas Hickman has had the pleasure of working for Engineering and Consulting companies in the Food & Beverage industry for over 30 years. He has been with NIRAS since 2013 and has been head of NIRAS Food & Beverage in United Kingdom since 2015.



The webinar is free.

Organizer: NIRAS


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